FantasyCon 2017


Fantasycon 2017 runs 29th September – 1st October at The Bull Hotel Peterborough, UK

Details of the event are HERE, and this is where I’ll be and what I’ll be up to when I’m not in the bar – come and say hi!




Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction – Friday  4.30pm (Panel Room 3)

The fantastic realms we write our stories in are often based on some real historical context. Join our panel in exploring the different historical research that can be necessary to create robust fantasy fiction, whether set in the primary world or in an invented one.


Sandra Unerman (mod)

Daniel Godfrey, Irene Soldatos, Peter McLean, Andrew Knighton, David Stokes.


Moderating: Worldbuilding – Saturday 12.30 (Panel Room 3)

What does it take to build and ‘sub-create’ imaginative worlds that the eager reader can escape to? Is consistency and a rationalised ‘pseudo-scientific’ method important? Panelists discuss their methods, research and where they begin with constructing their secondary worlds.


Peter McLean (mod)

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Vic James, Kristina Perez, Anne Lyle, Shona Kinsella


Moderating: Fantasy Economy! – Sunday 1.30pm (Panel Room 2)

Let’s play Fantasy Economy! How does the laundrette in Eastenders stay open when it only seems to have six customers? Where do people get the money to buy the Rovers Return? Scratch the surface of fiction and sometimes the financial details don’t make sense. Our panel explores the requirements of invented economies and offers some tips on getting it write in your fiction.


Peter McLean (mod)

Stewart Hotson, Ed McDonald, Shona Kinsella





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