News round-up

Oh spare me, I’m hopeless at keeping this page up to date. I need a blog-bot or something, I really do.

Anyway,  so Things have been Happening while I’ve been head-down in editing Dominion and also trying to finish the first draft of Burned Man #3.

There’s this:

Drake has been sold  in translation to the Czech Republic! Does this mean I get to go on a drinking (I mean book signing, obviously!) trip to Prague next year? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Also there’s been this:

A new guest column at Black Gate magazine, about EasterCon and meeting your heroes:

And lastly…. wow! There’s this:

Drake got an honourable mention in Locus Magazine‘s April bestseller’s list as the runner-up for the month!

Thanks for buying the book, everyone! And pretty please, consider leaving a review on the website of wherever you bought it from. It really would help!




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